New pricing strategy for resellers!

Dear Customers, Recently cPanel accounced new pricing startegy for cPanel based websites. Until now we were just paying server level licenses to cPanel Inc.  However, due to new pricing strategy announced by cPanel, we are required to pay license fees for every cpanel websites hosted in the server. This new changes might not impact our current ... Read More »

26th Aug 2019
Gurkha.Host just moved to new domain! Something BIG is Coming UP!

Namaskar,  In past couple of days you might have noticed, when you visited our website "", you are reaching to this new domain "", yes some changes are happening right now at Gurkha.Host. And the best part is; it is for better, much better! We are growing, and growing rapidly. Thanks to our valued customers, who have ... Read More »

9th Aug 2019
Ekdum Chhito! Your website gets much faster! Join Gurkha.Host

Lets talk about importance of speed for any online services. Speed is very important as it helps your users connect with you faster and get available to your customers without killing their valuable time. Gurkha.Host brings you high-speed hosting solution for the companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs in Nepal at affordable and global ... Read More »

10th May 2017
Transfer your website to GURKHA.HOST - its free!

Namaste!It gives me emmence pleasure to announce of free website migration to GURKHA.HOST servers. If you are currently hosting your website outside Nepal or within Nepal, our technical team are all set to provide you with the free website migration and setup service. To get the free migration service, please use following coupon code: ... Read More »

18th Feb 2017
Welcome to GURKHA.HOST, Web Hosting Company in Nepal

Namaste!And welcome to GURKHA.HOST, Nepal's trusted website hosting and VPS Cloud service provider in Nepal. We operate our server solutions in partnership with DATAHUB, Nepal's premier cloud infrastructure. Here, we aim to provide website hosting solutions, email hosting solutions, database hosting solutions, VPS Servers, Cloud Servers and ... Read More »

1st Feb 2017