Gurkha.Host just moved to new domain! Something BIG is Coming UP!

  • Friday, 9th August, 2019
  • 08:23am


In past couple of days you might have noticed, when you visited our website "", you are reaching to this new domain "", yes some changes are happening right now at Gurkha.Host. And the best part is; it is for better, much better!

We are growing, and growing rapidly. Thanks to our valued customers, who have always supported and more than that recommended our solutions to their fellow entrepreneurs.

Our new change will bring new product ranges & improved customer experience.

We will notify you about the changes in coming weeks, and we guarantee you there will something amazing that you can experience. 

For now, we just want to make sure, after the migration of our services to "", if you are experiencing any issues, please login to your account and submit a ticket.

 Thank you for trusting in solutions & infrastructure to support your digital journey.  


- The Hostmaster

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