New pricing strategy for resellers!

  • Monday, 26th August, 2019
  • 18:18pm

Dear Customers,

Recently cPanel accounced new pricing startegy for cPanel based websites. Until now we were just paying server level licenses to cPanel Inc. 

However, due to new pricing strategy announced by cPanel, we are required to pay license fees for every cpanel websites hosted in the server. This new changes might not impact our current hosting customers, but will impact heavily on the reseller accounts. 

It is not just you, but millions of cPanel accounts has been impacted globally with this pricing change.  Read the full news story here>>>:

Gurkha.Host is dedicated to provide affordable solutions to our resellers and we have always tried to keep our pricing low. We never had plans to change the pricing of our hosting services, but due to unexpected cpanel pricing that will take in effect from 1st September, 2019. We have revised all our reseller plans. 

We are sorry to inform you that, we will no longer be able to provide micro reseller accounts. We have come up with larger accounts starting from 10GB storage and minimum of 10 cPanel licenses. 

For Nepal based datacenter reseller hosting plans pricing visit here:

For Google Cloud based datacenter reseller hosting plans pricing visit here:

This pricing will be in effect immediately for all new orders. And we are still working on to provide better pricing for our current resellers. 

We will announce new pricing for our existing resellers on 1st Sept 2019.


Thank you for staying with


- The Hostmaster

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