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Why am I getting this issue?

In order to maintain a high level security, our servers may sometimes block an IP address from accessing the server. Which means you will not be able to access your website, cPanel, webmail and other services.

This could be when it interprets certain behavior as being a threat.

For example, if a customer has forgotten their cPanel or FTP login details and they make multiple (unsuccessful) attempts to log in, the server may determine that this could be an attempted hacking attempt and it will then block any access from that particular IP address.

We do understand that from time to time genuine customers will have an issue where they can not log in because their IP address has been blocked, but it’s very easy and quick to resolve this.

How to Check and unblock your IP, if Blocked by the Server

Easy. You just need to go to the this link to identify your PCs IP address and it will tell you what your IP address is. If you just copy that and paste it and raise a ticket to us by logging into our support portal, we will be able to check it for you and remove the block if necessary.

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