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Here are our tips to optimize your WordPress installation:

use Custom Themes: Larger themes and the themes you purchase on marketplaces comes with tons of unwanted coded which you might not need at all for your website. We strongly recommend to use custom theme for best performance. NOTE: When your WordPress site is loading slow, you verify if your theme is causing the issue or not by simply changing your theme.

Use Custom Plugins: Yes, you can find millions of plugins for your WordPress site, but adding unwanted codes in your website will degrade your WordPress performance. Always try to use the plugins that you really need and custom built plugins are always the best performing. 

Do not use pirated / nulled plugins & themes: Using of nulled themes, plugins and website codes are strictly against our policy. Using such codes will compromise your website security and that of the server. So, always get your plugins/themes from genuine source. 

Enable Litespeed Web Cache: You can enable this feature from your cPanel and improve your WordPress performance significantly. You can simply search for "LiteSpeed web cache" and click it to go to next page. Here, under "LiteSpeed Cache Management" section, click "WordPress Cache". On next step, you can click "Scan" to find your WordPress installation. Once found, click "Enable" button. 

Hire a Qualified Developer: If you are trying-out then that is okey, as you will find tons of resources online to learn WordPress . But if you are running a serious business, you should definitely need to hire an qualified web developer to look into your website issues. A qualified WordPress developer should be able find the exact issues in lesser time and solve it efficiently, they will exactly know what is missing and where.

Good luck, with these simple tips your website performance should increase. If you still encounter the issue, please Open a Ticket and report to our technical team and they will look into this.







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