I have already paid for my domain/product but the billing status is still unpaid in my client account billing section.

While using online payment methods to pay for the services you get from us, the transaction occurs through a third-party payment gateway i.e payment from your account to the payment gateway, and from the payment gateway to our account. During this process, if any one entity fails to complete the transaction then your payment may not get synced with our system, and the payment status may remain unchanged.

In this case, we need to verify your payment manually, in order to do so, please open a ticket from your client account and briefly describe your issue and attach the payment slip along with your ticket. Payment verification can be transaction PDF, screenshots, or your bank statement. Be advised that the SMS notification you got from the bank will not be able to verify your payment.

P.S-Please attach the payment slip along with your ticket, we will need the payment slip to verify your payment. If you do not have a payment slip, then please contact your bank and ask for any form of payment verification so we could verify your payment, as soon as our sales team will verify your payment your product will be activated.


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