Entrepreneur Plan

Start Your Online Journey Today!

Rs. 499.00NPR

Introducing the Entrepreneur Plan by Thulo Sites - the ideal starting point for building your online presence and growing your business.

With this plan, you can create dynamic personal and small business websites with static content, all at an affordable price of just NPR 2,999 annually.

Take the first step towards establishing your online identity and reaching your audience with Thulo Sites Entrepreneur Plan.

Get if for NPR 175/- per month when paid for 3 years.

Create a fully dynamic personal and small business websites with static contents.

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Business Starter Plan

Launch Your Online Store Now!

Rs. 1499.00NPR

Introducing the Thulo Sites Business Starter Plan - your all-in-one solution for launching your online business with ease.

With full ecommerce functionality seamlessly integrated into your website, you can set up your online shop and start selling products or services right away.

Priced at just NPR 9,999 annually, this plan offers unbeatable value for entrepreneurs looking to establish their presence in the digital marketplace.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to kickstart your online venture with Thulo Sites Business Starter Plan today!

Get if for NPR 583/- per month when paid for 3 years.

Full ecommerce enabled online shop + website that allows to start your business online.

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Business Growth Plan

Unlock Your Business Potential Today!

Rs. 9999.00NPR

Introducing the Business Growth Plan by Thulo Sites - your comprehensive solution for taking your business to new heights.

With this plan, you get a full-featured website, complete with an online shop and a range of tools and technologies designed to propel your business forward.

From advanced e-commerce capabilities to powerful growth-oriented features, the Business Growth Plan has everything you need to succeed online.

Get started today for just NPR 59,999 annually and unlock the potential of your business with Thulo Sites.

Get if for NPR 3,500/- per month when paid for 3 years.

Full featured website, online shop + tools and technologies to grow your business.

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